Trifo ironpie m6 vacuum robot review

Review of the Ironpie m6

Trifo is a new manufacturer of vacuum robots. The first one mentioned is called Ironpie m6. We bought a device and tested it extensively. What he can do, how good he is and whether it’s worth buying … we’ll tell you in this post

Trifo Ironpie m6 .. Is something new here?

The Ironpie m6 by Trifo costs about 360 euros. He is in the middle price range of vacuum robots. The cleaning robot comes in two colors. White and black. Included in the delivery is the charging station, 4 brushes, a HEPA filter and a manual. The highlight of the robotic vacuum cleaner is undoubtedly the integrated camera. This makes it possible to watch live pictures from home on the mobile phone.

Infos, Videos und Fotos zum Saugroboter

  • Running time: 100 min
  • Charging time 300 min
  • Dimensions: 7.9 x 33.2 cm
  • Weight: 2.7 kg
  • Bagless technique: Yes
  • Capacity: 0.6l
  • Volume: three modes
  • Threshold Pass (1.6cm)

Review of the Ironpie m6 by Trifo

The vacuum robot has a very high quality. The design is also successful. The initial setup is innovative. For example, you have to hold a QR code that is displayed in the Handyapp in the camera of the vacuum robot, so that a connection between the two devices is established. The introduction by HandyApp is very nicely implemented. If something goes wrong, you will be alerted by language (only in English). To implement the Handyapp Trifo can really only congratulate. So many vacuum robot manufacturers can look what. The suction power of the Ironpie m6 can be regulated in three stages. In the lowest level he is really very quiet. The highest level is sufficient for all types of soil and animal hair.

Navigation and camera

The navigation of the cleaning robot through the apartment also excellent for a device in this price range The vacuum robot knows at any time what he has cleaned and where he still needs to go. The charging station, he has always found without exception. On the phone is also a map of the room created during the cleaning. During automatic cleaning, it is also possible to activate the camera. That always worked from everywhere. Was really exciting to see what it looks like under my couch. The videos can also be saved. For a device in this price range, the feature is unique.

Equivalent / Better alternative vacuum robots

The device is currently quite unique in the market with the built-in camera in this price range. Nevertheless, I try to suggest you two suitable alternatives.

If you can do without the camera, in addition, a slightly weaker navigation in purchasing can take, then I would recommend the Deebot 600/601. He is around 100 euros cheaper, but has an optional wiping function. The water tank has to be bought extra.

The RoboVac 30c from Eufy is also cheaper by about 100 euros. You also have to do without a camera and systematic navigation. But various areas can be blocked for cleaning. This is often advantageous if you have children or animals and still lying around toys.



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